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How to Raise the Foundation and Re-level Your House

Wall Cracks Closed

Typical wall crack caused by sunken foundations.

Wall Cracks Closed

The crack closed up after Uretek re-levelled the house.

Wall Cracks Closed

Typical brickwork crack caused by sunken house foundations.

Wall Cracks Closed

Crack closed up as Uretek raised the house back to level.

Typically as building footings are raised, cracks like these usually close up so much that only minor patching and re-painting of interior walls is required and only minor re-pointing of the mortar joints is needed in exterior brickwork.

As Uretek raises the foundations of a home and floors are relevelled any gaps between floor and skirting boards usually disappear.

Also doors and windows usually start to fit and work properly again as the foundations are raised.

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Residential Projects

Brochure about Uretek residential remediation work in Australia

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Uretek General Booklet

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Uretek Heritage Brochure

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How Uretek Resin Injection or JOG integrated computer grouting are used to raise your house foundation and re-level your home

Uretek Resin Injection Lifting

URETEK raises, re-supports and re-levels sunken home foundations fast, economically and with a minimum of disruption to occupants.

Building footings are raised and returned to correct levels comparatively rapidly.


  1. Structural resin injection. No water. No mess.
  2. No demolition. No excavation. Just tiny holes.
  3. Like keyhole surgery.
  4. No need to vacate the premises.
  5. Minimal disturbance to landscaping & pathways.
  6. Substantial direct and indirect cost savings.
  7. Fast. Economical. Permanent.


Concrete raft slabs, ‘Waffle-Pod’ slabs, strip footings and infill slabs are usually correctable by injection of Uretek expanding structural resins.

Strip footings are correctable provided that they are wide enough, even narrow strip footings may be able to be lifted by Uretek Deep-Lifting.


The foundation ground beneath footings can also usually be strengthened by compaction by Uretek Deep-Injection to minimise the likelihood of future ground movement problems.

Also, generally, wall cracks tend to close up and windows and doors begin to work properly again, as foundations are strengthened and footings are lifted back to their correct levels, 


  • The URETEK Method is fast. Most residential house foundation raising jobs are completed in just one day, and sometimes in just a few hours. 
  • There is usually no need to vacate premises or move much furniture.
  • With Uretek foundation repair, there is no excavation and no weakening of support. 
  • Landscaping is mostly undisturbed.
  • Uretek lifting involves no water, no cement dust, no excavation and no mess.
  • Often most work is done from outside. When working inside and where floor surfaces such as parquetry or ceramic tiles require it, injection can be carried out through even smaller 6 mm holes, placed carefully to be as unobtrusive as possible.
  • Further, with no demolition, internal wall and floor corrections are effected through small drill holes.

These many advantages of Uretek lifting your house foundation represent huge advantages over traditional concrete underpinning, which is generally very messy and time-consuming.

Unlike piling or masonry or concrete ‘Underpinning’, URETEK is not rigid and does not transfer the load directly to a different stratum of soil - which could cause differential movement between then unequally supported sections of the building*

* Ref (Australian Standard, AS2870, warns, “Underpinning should generally be avoided where the problem is related to reactive clay,” & “Deep underpinning should only be considered as a last resort”).

PLEASE NOTE: We do not raise and re-level houses such as traditional "Queenslanders", that are built on "stumps" unless the outside walls of the house are founded on the ground. In that case the house can usually be re-levelled by Uretek raising the perimeter footings back to level. Then the stumps can usually be corrected by others (builders or even handymen).

URETEK CAN ALSO RE-LEVEL YOUR DRIVEWAY in addition to raising your house foundations 

If your driveway, garage, carport or car park needs raising and relevelling it may be most convenient and economical to have that done at the same time as your house is corrected.

JOG integrated computer grouting can also be used to raise your house foundation.

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