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Uretek Raising and Re-levelling

Wall cracks usually close up as house footings are raised.

Uretek Raising and Re-levelling

Roadways, bridge abutment slabs re-levelled.

Uretek Raising and Re-levelling

Airport hangar floor re-levelled and re-supported.

Uretek Raising and Re-levelling

Factory and warehouse floors levelled. Machinery bases levelled and given new support.

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Industrial Projects

Uretek remediation of industrial foundation problems in Australia

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Residential Projects

Brochure about Uretek residential remediation work in Australia

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Uretek General Booklet

32 page booklet re full range of Uretek Ground Engineering services.

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Uretek is now Mainmark Ground Engineering

Mainmark continues to offer you a wide range of the world's most advanced technologies – including Uretek – for lifting, re-levelling and re-supporting homes, factories, warehouses, commercial buildings and many other kinds of ground structures.

Mainmark advanced ground engineering to solve problems with houses, factories and other on-ground structures.

The Uretek Method is a unique and patented ground engineering system to solve building and construction problems.

Mainmark Ground Engineering utilises expanding structural resins injected through very small holes in order to raise and re-level buildings, floors and roads etc. Uretek Deep-Injection is used to compact and strengthen foundation ground under building footings and pavements such as roads, airstrips and so forth.

We raise, relevel & resupport sunken homes, floors, roads, factories, warehouses, driveways, airports, seaports, railway bridges and platforms and many other built structures and pavements.

Mainmark Ground Engineering offers you many advantages

  • Uretek's unique, structural expanding resin is injected through tiny holes, 6 or 16 mm in diameter.
  • So patented Uretek methods are like keyhole surgery.
  • The resin expands to relevel and resupport.
  • Uretek is clean: involving no excavation, no water, no cement dust and no mess - unlike concrete underpinning or mud jacking.
  • The injected Uretek material that raises and relevels a house is completely non-toxic, inert and environmentally friendly.
  • Mostly there are substantial cost savings over old-fashioned underpinning & mud jacking methods.
  • Wall cracks usually close up as floors and footings are lifted.
  • Uretek Deep Injection compacts foundation ground to provide increased support.
  • Uretek unique PowerPiles allow support columns to be retro-fitted under existing structures to greatly strengthen foundation ground.
  • The Uretek Method of ground engineering is extremely fast very convenient.
  • Most jobs take only a day or two.
  • Occupants don’t need to move out, so there’s no re-location cost.
  • Generally machinery does not have to be moved.
  • Large jobs can be done one area at a time, or even at night.

Fast, Effective Ground Engineering

URETEK: The most advanced modern underpinning: Fast. Cost-effective. Minimum disruption.

Uretek patented ground engineering technology was developed and proven in Europe over 30 years and is now available across the World in more than 50 countries.

The Building Research Association of New Zealand has appraised the Uretek Method; see BRANZ Appraisal no. 698 which is  available as a PDF download from the Uretek Technical Information page of this site.

WARRANTY: Uretek materials injected below concrete have been specifically engineered to resist shrinkage or deterioration causing significant settlement, and as such are warranted by Mainmark in strict accordance with the product durability requirements of the applicable Local, State or National Building Code.

The URETEK Method is not franchised: it's a complex solution requiring Mainmark Ground Engineering's team of highly trained professionals operating from completely self-contained mobile units with highly specialised equipment.

Mainmark Ground Engineering has offices in all Australian mainland states. Also New Zealand, Japan, Thailand and many other countries.

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Uretek Ground Engineering

Uretek solves many problems by unique and patented systems of resin injection.

Fast, economical, long-lasting, environmental and with minimal disruption.